Provola Affumicata

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Smoked provola is a typical specialty of the Campania Region. It is a fresh stretched curd cheese, obtained from the processing of only Italian cow's milk. It shares all the production phases with the mozzarella with the only difference being the smoking phase which takes place using the smoke produced by the combustion of straw and shavings that give it the typical flavor and aroma of smoke, as well as a nuanced color brown and brown. 

Smoked provola is ideal for those looking for a more decisive flavor, to savor the products of the past and live a gastronomic experience to tell. In the kitchen it is the main ingredient of various recipes from Campania.

Natural smoking will give flavor and aroma to exquisite dishes, served both hot and cold.


INGREDIENTS: Italian cow's milk, lactic ferments, salt and rennet.