Smoked Caciocavallo

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The Caciocavallo cheese is a semi-hard cheese that is born from the fusion of the processing techniques of caciocavallo silano and scamorza.

The paste is homogeneous, soft and compact, with a sweet flavor that is preserved over time. The rind is absent if the cheese is eaten fresh, thin and smooth as it begins to mature.

The color of the caciocavallo is milky white when the cheese is fresh, straw yellow if it is aged.

Excellent to be served melted in an earthenware pan. To enhance the characteristics of the product, it is important to consume it between the first days of production up to the twenty-fifth.

Smoked Caciocavallo is a light brownish flavored cheese with natural smoke (straw). Sweet flavor that retains a pleasant aroma of smoking over time.


INGREDIENTS: pasteurized cow's milk; lactic ferments, rennet and salt. Smoky aroma in smoked caciocavallo.

STORAGE METHOD: temperature from 4 ° C to +14 ° C

METHOD OF USE: fresh table cheese for final consumers, restaurants and pizzerias, to be consumed at a temperature between 20 ° C - 25 ° C

SHELF LIFE: 90 days in unopened package